Strathgryffe Motorcycle Club 

Founded 1974 

Affiliated to the British Motorcycle


Club Membership

Typical Member

We have members of all ages and abilities, some of whom have gone on to lead full and normal lives

Sporting Events

Aviemore Carting Event

The Club has a fine tradition of entering dangerous events



Social Events

The Demon Drink..

If there is an opportunity our members will drink to that


The Web site..

The Web site is slowly being put back together using a much more modern tool and it will take some time to reach the shocking content of the previous site that reached over 20,000 hits in its time.


However one obvious change in the new Web site is the photos - just click them and most will open up in high resolution ready to download and share with your friends, the members partner or the indeed the police.


Documents can now be stored, opened, and downloaded in native format such as PDF, Word and Excel


Twitter, Facebook and other Apps are coming, however I seem to have mislaid the Cefax interface.