Strathgryffe Motorcycle Club 

Founded 1974 

Affiliated to the British Motorcycle


Club Membership

Typical Member

We have members of all ages and abilities, some of whom have gone on to lead full and normal lives

Sporting Events

Aviemore Carting Event

The Club has a fine tradition of entering dangerous events



Social Events

The Demon Drink..

If there is an opportunity our members will drink to that


About the Strathgryffe Motorcycle Club..

The Club currently has about 30 members of all ages and abilities. We are a very sociable bunch who can be best described as alcoholics with a biking problem.


As long as you have an interest in bikes or just enjoy a blether that is good enough for us. We enjoy runs, hold charity events, we have social evenings, weekend events and week long trips. We also have our own Facebook page.


The Club has its own rules and constitution to support the efficient running and funding of the Club and the Club has been on the go since 1974. 


The Club is affiliated to the British Motorcycle Federation (BMF) and your membership fees include affiliation to the BMF.


Interested? then come along one Monday night and see what's going on and make up your own mind. We will be glad to see you.