iRELAND trip now finished.  hope for some photies soon !     Members have been asking about caps with club logo, so here is a picture of the potential finished article.  PLUS, look out for the strathgryffe outfitters page coming soon.  our store manager Robert will fit you up good and proper in sartorial style with sexy hoodies, tees and polos sure to attract something or other!. I have decided not to model them personally as its only fair to give others a chance!       We have also decided to have a stall at THE ERSKINE BIKE MEET on Sunday 27th May, always a laugh and potential new members opportunity as proved recently!   The usual suspect ( sorry, volunteers ) will be expected but its not compulsary, but you'd better!  All club members welcome on the day!  i will be taking names shortly.       












The Shooting Event - Sunday 21-05-17 

The Saddlesore Bums
Camerons Cowpokes - Winners (obviously..)

A special thanks to Stewart who organised the shooting event and we had 16 folk in total there. This fine team "Camerons Cowpokes", won the overall competition beating the "Saddlesore Bums" overall. Both teams scoring 97 points, but Robert maimed  a sheep on the far hill and destroyed a flood light gaining us two extra points.


As fo the two on the the right in "Camerons Cowpokes" - well who cares, eh.. we have all seen Brokeback Mountain and they do make a nice couple, sort of..


More photies to follow..

Johnny's Stag Night - Saturday 25-03-17

18:44 and a probably into our 3rd pint - notice the air of restraint and good natured manliness.

19:55 and the mood relaxes as Alan gently places his hand on Martin's shoulder and Eddie guards his nuts.

21:44 and probably considerably more alcohol - our standards are certainly slipping. Iain is keen to show off his new boots, whilst Martin shows why he has so many special friends.

22.23 McKenzie makes a guest appearance in a photo, although someone seems to have spillled beer down his nice shirt.

23:05 a lovely photo of me and good to see that I had moved onto the Vodka and Cokes.


That along with an earlier Haggis supper I had eaten had a lot to answer for..



Now I would have liked to carry on with this photo montage once we got back to the Clippens Inn. However as I was a touch under the weather I carried on home.


The rest carried on the revelry in the Clippens until flinging out time. Mr Cameron being the worst as his legs no longer worked and he collapsed over the new railings outside the pub and had to be carried away.


A fine night out!..

Sir David Attenborough gives his thoughts on a feral Billy Weaver..

Remarkable footage of Willy Beaver in action at the Simmer Dim Rally has come to light.


In the first frame Willy has spotted three young blondes. Like a true hunter on safari in the Serengeti he quickly weighs up his options.


In the second frame he moves in for the kill, the other two blondes have been spared for the moment..